De Eikenhorst
eekhoorn groen

About us

Sustainable & Hospitable

With great energy, a small team ensures that this privately owned house has happy guests every week. The house has existed since the late 1990s and was initially for 20 people. Since 2019, the house can accommodate 30 people.
Of course we had a special time when by corona, but now we are happy to welcome all guests again in 2022!

We also have a young family ourselves and find it super to work every day from the vision of our guests as well as our own experience to create an even more beautiful and fitting home for different generations.

Over ons groepsaccommodatie
eekhoorn groen

The team at the Eikenhorst

Who are you in contact with?

Linthorst Family

It is important to us that you have a hospitable and warm stay with us and that you enjoy the beautiful nature the Netherlands has to offer. Go outside, build cabins (you're never too old for this), sit in the hot tub, start a fire in the kota or play shuffleboard. Enjoy your days with us!

Your contacts

Administrator of the house has been Carolina Linthorst for more than 15 years. She lives near Boshuis de Eikenhorst and will check you in, be your contact during the days you stay with us, and often sees you to hear about your experiences when you leave. She and two colleagues also take care of the cleaning to make it spick and span again for the next guests.

Ronald and Wenda Linthorst are the owners. Prior to booking, you will have firm contact with one of two. We live in the Haarlemmermeer and because Ronald’s roots are in Steenwijk, we still visit this region often. Ronald works in sustainability and Wenda in hospitality at larger organizations. It’s nice to carry this through in our own home as well and be able to give this to you as guests. 

The group accommodation in the forest for 20 to 30 people