De Eikenhorst
eekhoorn groen 25x25

Playing in the forest

The perfect place for families

Annual weekends away, a special birthday of grandma or grandpa, families who have been going away together for years, old college friends with their families. Actually every weekend and vacation we see beautiful assemblies.

Our guests often arrive on Friday afternoons around 3 p.m. Slowly the whole family trickles in. You can take the groceries with you on the first day or you can have the supermarket delivered.
The children run outside and enjoy the air trampoline. With less weather, they dive on the beanbags, start shuffleboard championships that everyone can participate in.

Relax, you're in the woods!

10 IJsvogel
eekhoorn groen 25x25

Suitable for families

Vacation home

Vacation home with Giethoorn, Weerribben and Drenthe nearby