De Eikenhorst

Unesco World Heritage Site a 5-minute drive away

Near the Forest House are the Colonies of Weldadigheid. In 1818, Johannes van den Bosch founded this “state” for poor people from the city that offered new opportunities. Until about 1920, it had a role in the Netherlands and Flanders along with several other colonies. Now a beautiful visitor center has been created and you can still see many houses and other reminders of that time.


Museum de Proefkolonie is located in Frederiksoord, 6 km away. This modern museum with a surprising amount of technology, games, movies and more is definitely worth checking out if you love Dutch history. 

You can also explore the region by bicycle, car or on foot. 

Is the weather less beautiful during your stay? Even then, this is definitely recommended! 

Photo: M. van Swietenlaan and Graaf van Limburg Stirumlaan (Miranda Drenth)

eekhoorn groen

Other activities in the area