De Eikenhorst
Varen in giethoorn


Within fifteen minutes you can be from our vacation home in…. Giethoorn! Park the car or bus and walk along the waterfront, look at the beautiful houses with thatched roofs and watch the tourists from all over. During a stay at Giethoorn, you can’t escape sailing for a while yourself. Most people choose a whisper boat, an electric boat for 6 to 10 people, where you can do a tour of Giethoorn in three hours. In nice weather, you jump in the lake with each other. In lesser weather, it is extra exciting in the narrow waters whether you are not going to hit other visitors and the boat will wobble. Guarantee lots of fun!

Boating and more

In addition to cruising in a whisper boat, you can also choose a tour boat. Looking for something other than water? Then, of course, you can do all sorts of other activities in Giethoorn. Check out the Giethoorn website for more information. 

Is it freezing during your stay? Then, of course, bring the skates and head to Giethoorn or Kalenberg. In our opinion, there is no more special place to skate in the Netherlands, than this area. 

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