De Eikenhorst

Nature reserve De Woldberg and De Eese

When you leave our grounds, you are immediately in nature reserve the Woldberg. From here you can do various hikes, cycling or mountain biking. This region is touristy and you can also eat, drink coffee or have breakfast at a restaurant, hotel or resort within walking distance.

The Eese

De Eese is more than 800 acres of estate, near Boshuis de Eikenhorst. Most of this is owned by the van Karnebeek Family, which has owned it since 1923. The remaining portion is owned by the Forestry Commission. You can find various hikes and more information on the De Eese Estate website.

Hiking nearby

Walk down the grounds and start your walking route right away. Are you in for a short or a long route? see some options here

The NS has created a walk in our region of 9, 14 or 17 km.

The Weerribben-Wieden tourism organization has created a 4.5-km route to the Woldberg lookout tower.

Coffee and more

Within walking distance you will find several catering establishments. Enjoy a breakfast, cup of coffee, lunch or dinner!

Other activities in the area

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