De Eikenhorst
eekhoorn groen

What can your do in the region?

Forest House de Eikenhorst is located in the middle of nature, in Nature Reserve De Woldberg and De Eese. Besides enjoying the garden, it is worthwhile to hike, bike or start your own mountain bike trail from the house.

Get inspiration on this page. Want to know more? You can always contact us.

Let's create beautiful moments around the house, as well as in the area with your loved ones.

An example of your weekend

Often guests spend Friday afternoons in the garden and house, cooking in the house or having food delivered.

At Saturdays you can enjoy the area. Some choose nature, others shopping, others culture.

On Sundays , it depends on the weather. You can have breakfast somewhere or do a cup of coffee with a cake in one of the cosy restaurants in the neighborhood. With sunny weather, you can enjoy the hot tub, garden and National Parks. A competitative table tennis championship or Dutch shuffleboard match may arise at the house.

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