De Eikenhorst
eekhoorn groen

Conscious entrepreneurship

A sustainable stay

We are extremely proud of our forest and home. In this beautiful green environment, we are extra aware that we all need to take good care of our planet. For nature and people. The Eikenhorst takes a leading role in this and goes beyond what is required by laws and regulations. If we all do our part, we can leave the world even more beautiful than we got it! We think about the choices we make. The following principles are important to us and can be experienced when you are at Boshuis de Eikenhorst.

eekhoorn groen

Green for now and tomorrow

What does sustainable mean to us?


Green Key

The Eikenhorst is Greenkey certified, achieving the very highest level of gold in it. We are proud of that but we continue to work to do even better.

Our take on now

We like to contribute in a positive way and to this beautiful world